Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Implement Custom Authentication Scheme in Oracle Application Express - Part II


After the successful login attempt, the username is stored in a built-in substitution string named APP_USER which can be referenced in subsequent processes to retrieve the username of the current user. Follow the steps mentioned below to create the custom scheme.

1. Go to Shared Components.

2. Click the Authentication Schemes link under the Security section.

3. Edit the existing Application Express Authentication scheme.

4. Change the Name to Custom Scheme.

5. Select Custom from the Scheme Type drop down list.

6. Type custom_auth in Authentication Function Name under the Settings pane.

7. Click the Apply Changes button. 

NOTE: In case of multiple schemes, the currently applied authentication scheme contains a check mark on its icon. Please make sure that the CUSTOM SCHEME we created in this exercise carries that check (as indicated in the above figure). If not, edit the scheme and click the Make Current Scheme button.
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An excerpt from the book "Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express - Second Edition"

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