Friday, 15 June 2012

Web Development Using Wizard Part-3

Create Wizard-Based Order Processing Module in Oracle Application Express

Part III of IV

Section 6.14 – Page 14

After selecting order items, this page is created to show summary of the current order. It would display Order Number, Customer and Order Line details.

Step 6.14.1 – The page must show one level tab and a left sidebar for Order Wizard list.

Step 6.14.2 – Added a main HTML region named Order Summary to hold summarized data and two buttons (View Orders and Home).

Step 6.14.3 – Added a second region based on PL/SQL Dynamic Content to hold Order Number and Customer information. Here we used CSS within the PL/SQL block to style the Order number.

Step 6.14.4 – This is a report region. The data it contains comes through a SQL statement from Order Item and Product tables to show line items on the summary page.

Step 6.14.5 – Create a List region (Order Progress) to hold Order Wizard list similar to sections 6.6.3, 6.8.4 and 6.10.3.

Step 6.14.6 – Create the two buttons (View Orders and Home) as mentioned earlier. Action for the former one is set to Redirect to Page in this Application and the corresponding page value to 4. Clicking this button takes user to the main Orders page. Similarly, the Home button is set to switch the application control to Page 1.

Step 6.14.7 – Create a hidden item (P14_ORDER_ID) to act as a parameter for the SQL queries mentioned in the preceding sections. Note: On the book’s page number 128, this item is erroneously typed as P14_PRODUCT_ID which should be P14_ORDER_ID.

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