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How to create workspace for Oracle APEX application

An excerpt from the book Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express - Second Edition
A workspace is a virtual private container allowing multiple users to work within the same Oracle Application Express installation while keeping their objects, data and applications private. You have to create a workspace before you create an application. It is necessary because you have to specify which workspace you want to connect to at the time of login. Without this piece of information, you are not allowed to enter Oracle Application Express.

1. Open a browser session and type http://localhost:8080/apex/apex_admin in the address bar to access the administrator’s control panel.

2. In the Username box type admin and for password, type Manager_2013. The next screen asks you to change the admin user password. Accede to the request by entering Manager_2013 in the Current Password box and providing a new password in the next two boxes. I set this Application Express ADMIN password to Gemini_2013. Click Apply Changes and then the Return button.

3. The new login screen will come up with an additional Workspace box carrying the INTERNAL value. Making sure the Username is Admin, enter the new password you set in the previous step to login. This will bring up the admin control panel interface.

4. Click on the Manage Workspace icon.

5. Under Workspace Actions, select the option: Create Workspace.

6. In the Workspace Name box type ASA and click Next.

7. On Identify Schema page set the following attributes and click Next. A schema is the set of metadata (data dictionary) used by the database, typically generated using DDL statement. You should consider a schema to be the user account and collection of all objects therein. In this step you specified a schema ASA (Apex Sample Application) that APEX will create for you with some default objects including data tables carrying dummy data.

Re-use existing schema? No
Schema Name: ASA
Schema Password: asa
Space Quota (MB): 100 (accept the default values)

8. On Identify Administrator page set the following values and click Next. Note that currently you’re logged in as APEX administrator whereas, in this step, you’re creating administrator for the Sales Web Application workspace to manage workspace tasks such as creating the application, users and so on.

Administrator Username: ADMIN
Administrator Password: asa

9. Click the Create Workspace button followed by the Done button.

10. Click the Logout link located at the top right corner.

An excerpt from the book Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express - Second Edition

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