Sunday, 15 September 2013

How to create a Dashboard for your Web-based Database Application - Part IV

An excerpt from the book Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express - Second Edition 

Sales by Category: This region demonstrates the use of bar charts and presents sale figures of each category through this chart type.

1. Click the Create icon in the Regions section to create a new Region.

2. In the Region page, click on the Chart icon.

3. From Chart Rendering list, select Flash Chart. And click the Column chart option. 

4. Click on 3D Column.

5. Enter Sales by Category in Title, select Standard Region - No Padding for Region Template, 40 in Sequence and click the Next button. 

6. Select Look6 for Color Scheme, un-check the Show Labels and Show Values boxes, and click Next

7. Enter the following SQL Query in the Enter SQL Query or PL/SQL function returning a SQL Query box. Click Next.

select null, p.category label, sum(o.order_total)
from demo_orders o, demo_order_items oi, demo_product_info p
where o.order_id = oi.order_id
and oi.product_id = p.product_id
group by category order by 3 desc

8. Click the Create Region button.

9. Click the link of the newly created region and set the following attributes.

Start New Row: No -  used the same row
Column: Automatic - Next position is 9
New Column: Yes
Column Span: 4 - The region will span from column 9-12

10. Click the Chart Attributes tab on the same page to set the following chart attributes:

Chart Width: 300
Chart Height: 180
Animation: Appear

11. Save your changes by clicking the Apply Changes button.

NOTE:  In APEX you create a chart using a SQL query which has the following syntax: 
SELECT link, label, value
The link column helps you drill-down to further details. You’ll use the link column in chapter 8 - Generate Graphical Reports. Right now the drill-down functionality is not being used, therefore, a null is put in the link position to follow the syntax rule.

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